Cake Decorating

Burger and Chips Cake

Mmmmm.... this one fooled a lot of people! It was soooooo much fun to make :)  

Ann’s 60th – 2 Tiers with Ribbon Roses

This was an order for a paying customer... in chocolate mud. My only request from the customer was that Ann liked blue - lots of blue! And she was happy with modern roses. So I became creative! This cake was really fun to make and I have a step by step tutorial on this one [...]

My Grandpa loves cooking. And he loves cake. And he loves purple. He is also a cake decorator himself. So when it was his 80th coming up, and I offered to make him a special cake, he jumped at it. And when I was lost for ideas, this is what my Grandma suggested. I was [...]

Laurie’s Monkey Cake

My friend Laurie asked me well in advance to make her a cake for her birthday with her favourite childhood toy on top. This is 'Monkey'. I had a small photo to copy that she texted me on my phone. Back then I had only a little bit of experience of making fondant 3D figurines and [...]

Christmas Cake Pops

These were done at a course at my favourite cake shop - no credit to my creativity, all of these designs were taught to me in a 2 hour class. However a lot of these designs can be found in the Bakerella Cake Pops books and Cake Me, I'm Yours.

My Own Birthday Cake

Two Tiered Yellow and Pink Fondant - my two favorite colors! This cake was an excuse to try some new recipes and the swirl design on the top tier. Inside I had 2 different types of caramel mud cake. The top tier had quite a golden syrup flavor and the bottom tier tasted more like [...]

Parramatta Eels cake

Oh dear, this was not one of my best works... but that's the fun of learning!! My friend asked me to decorate a cake for her dad's 60th birthday. She had a fruit cake ready to go and the only request was that it had a Parramatta Eels theme. I was kind of organised and [...]

Cake Balls (Cake Pops without the Stick!)

This was my first attempt at cake 'pops'. I had no sticks as the concept was very new to me (and I think everyone else who wasn't up on the latest trends in the cake world at the time!). The inspiration came to me after reading my Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More [...]

Topsy-turvy 2 tiered cake

Mmm... this was a 2 tiered topsy turvy cake I made for my sister's birthday. It was chocolate mud (at her request) and my first attempt at making a topsy turvy. I followed the steps of making the shape of the wonky cake from a book that I bought from Amazon: Wedding Cakes You Can [...]

Bek’s Birthday / Zebra Print Cake

This was a cake I made for my friend Bek. She is a single, fun, sassy girl and I told her I would make her a fun single tier cake to cut for dessert at her birthday lunch. Animal print and hot pink was the answer! I started with a tall 20cm (8") vanilla buttercake using 2 cake batters. [...]