Cake Decorating 101 For Beginners


Plan your cake

Before you race out to the shops, you will need to plan your cake and decide on what you would like the finished masterpiece to look like. In cake decorating, planning is key to making a professional cake.

Things to consider:

  • how many people you’re feeding?
  • will the cake act as dessert or will it just be served with coffee?
  • do you want more than one flavor of cake?
  • is the event formal or informal?
  • smooth fondant icing or fluffy frosting?
  • single tier or multi-tier?
  • the theme of the party and the recipient’s tastes.

Start with the size you are aiming for and work from there. For example, if you would like to make a “round the world” cake and you have a spherical cake in mind, if you have a party of 40 people you need to serve, you may need to sit the sphere on top of a large square cake or make it the topper of a 2 tier cake. Incorporate the whole design into your plan.

Draw a rough sketch of what you would like the cake to look like including colours of each item.

Keep in mind you abilities and experience. If it is your first attempt, single tier is the easiest option to master, and cookie cutters and simple 2D shapes are the most simple decorations to use. If you are feeling brave, you may be able to sculpt a 3D figurine or free hand shapes.

What to buy

You will probably build up your cake decorating supplies as time goes on and you develop your skills but you will need some basics to get started on your first cake:

  • Modelling tools
  • Scalpel or sharp knife
  • Spirit level to make sure your cake is level
  • Smoothers
  • Piping bag and nozzle attachments
  • Rolling Pin
  • Selection of cookie cutters (circles and stars are a good selection to start with)
  • A bent and a flat palette knife
  • Lazy Susan / turntable

I recommend checking out my product review section to help in selecting the right cake decorating supplies for your situation.

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