Wedding Cake Baking Tips


Generally a wedding cake is a multi-tier, fondant covered professional cake but you too can make one yourself by following these simple cake baking tips.

Lots of planning and practice is required leading up to the big day. If you want to make your own cake or have been asked to make someone else a wedding cake, build up your confidence and get cracking!

Planning a Wedding Cake

The place to start is finding out the expectations of the wedding couple. Flavours and size are the key factors to consider when planning this but also the colour theme of the wedding and the flowers chosen for the big day are also probably considered.

Make sure you have a clear guide of what is required and a definite plan for the look of the cake. You may need to purchase additional equipment or supplies so don’t leave this to the last minute. See my Where to Start page for more details.

A Book to Guide You…

I have a great book about how to design a wedding cake which takes you through what to do from planning the look of the cake, to the flavours, size and how to make the great decorations.

Wedding Cakes You Can Make by Dede Wilson. 

Most of these cakes are not decorated with fondant so they are suitable for the beginner and yet still look wonderful! The other bonus in this book is that it gives you a guide of how long each of the steps will take and how far in advance you can work. Overall, it is a great book to buy if you have been set the task of baking a wedding cake.

I was given the honourable task of making a wedding cake for some friends of ours and was flattered that they trusted my skills to make their special cake to be displayed to all their friends. They gave me a photograph of the three tiered cake they found online and we had a chat about what colours they wanted and where. I printed out the photo and made notes on the image of the flavors, and colour proportions they hoped for. While I was nervous about taking on an important task, with over 1 year notice I had time to make a sample cake for them to taste the recipe I planned to use and check they were happy with the fondant and ganashe.

The final wedding cake

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