How to make white frosting


Frosting / Icing. It depends where you live as to what it’s called…

So if you are after the completely white fluffy icing look, this is the way to go! You will require some kind of shortening – I know this is different in all different countries but where I am in Australia, we use a product called ‘So-Lite’. You can buy it at cake decorating shops or online.

The instructions to make frosting are marked on the top of the So-Lite container from my supplier but here are my step by step processes…

How To Make Frosting

1.Icing sugar in mixer

1. Start with 3 kg (6lb 9oz) of icing sugar (confectioners sugar) sifted in your mixer’s bowl.

2. Add 400 grams (14oz) of So-Lite.

2.Add so-lite in mixer

3. Add a tiny bit of water. The recipe calls for 400ml (3.5oz) of water but it’s better to add a tiny bit at a time to make sure you don’t end up with too wet frosting…

4. Mix it all on a low speed.

4.Mix on low speed

5. Add a dash of water as your mixer works to make sure all the icing sugar is moistened and that it is all smooth!

This will result in pure white frosting. It won’t have any flavouring right now so adding some no-colour vanilla or coconut essence or any other clear flavouring will give it some delicious taste! (Tip: If your frosting will be mostly for adults, Malibu adds a fantastic taste!)


If you want coloured icing, now would be the time to add in your color. Keep in mind that the colours you would normally buy in the supermarket are water-based and they will add more water to your mix resulting in possibly more wet frosting than you want. If you use a gel or paste color (such as Wilton, Creative or Americolor) it will only take a tiny amount to color the mix without making it wet. Also keep in mind the quantity of colored frosting you require. In my case, I would usually make up a big batch of white and then use small amounts to color as I need them.

5.Until smooth

If you have added all the water that is called for in the recipe, this is the perfect consistency. There have been times I have needed to add a little bit more liquid so use your own instincts. If you are piping the frosting, it will need to be moist enough that it will flow out of the nozzle without too much pressure (I have had my frosting nearly pop the piping bag before because it was too firm!!) and it needs to be dry enough that it won’t run or slide once it is piped (I’ve also had my beautifully piped cupcakes look like it just slapped on the frosting with a spatula before!!). There is a fine line between the two extremes.

A general guide is that the frosting should be able to stick onto the spatula well.

6.Should hold on spatula

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