Burger and Chips Cake


Mmmmm…. this burger cake fooled a lot of people! It was soooooo much fun to make 🙂

I’d always wanted to try making a fake-burger cake and this was the perfect time… Phil’s birthday. He loves burgers (and cake) so the 2 went together hand in hand.

I’d watched a video or two about how to create one and I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible (that’s how I always roll – simple.)

How I Made It

I used a very small round tin to bake 2 cakes (I think they were vanilla and chocolate in a 4 inch tin). Try my recipes. I chopped the taller one in half to create 2 shorter cakes to form the buns. Simple.

Then I covered those with a beige coloured buttercream (using Wilton ‘Beige’.)

I used the same colour fondant to roll tiny little odd shaped balls to create the sesame seeds on top.

The middle piece was covered lightly in buttercream and then with a thin piece of chocolate ready coloured fondant (Bakels brand). I loosely bunched the fondant together down the bottom because hey, it wasn’t going to be seen.

The Fillings

The rest of the fillings in the burger were up to creativity and how much effort I wanted to make.

A rolled flat piece of pale yellow fondant cut square made the cheese. That was super easy.

It certainly needed some colour to make it look pretty and what’s a burger without lettuce?!

So a but of ‘Leaf Green’ buttercream squeezed around the edges of the ‘meat’ and repeat with the bright yellow and red for the sauces… they also were piped messily into a patty cake as dipping sauces for the ‘chips.’

Now the chips is where I allowed my laziness to kick in… remeber I’m not a professional decorator – this was only going to be seen by my family.

I used another part of my vanilla butter-cake to create long rectangles. I was going to buttercream them too but really couldn’t afford the time so looked up some ideas online and read about browning them under the grill so in they went for about 10-15 minutes.

It was all placed on a real dinner plate for authenticity and served. Just like we’re at the pub!

Phil trying to eat the entire cake himself


Burger and Chips made out of cake

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