Christmas Cake with a Santa Figurine


This Santa cake was a present for the pre-school teachers for my kids… what better way to say thanks to the teachers for all their effort in looking after my kids?

Cake. Yum.

And a pretty cake at that.

This was a chocolate mud cake inside. See my recipe here. I specifically chose that flavour in case some of the teachers didn’t like fruit cake (I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!)

Santa Figurine on mud cake

The Decorations

The present was formed just within my fingers and the bow was also created and attached without any special equipment – just a knife to shape up the edges.


Santa was also created using a tutorial I found online. It made the process really simple and only took me about 1 hour to make plus drying time. I inserted a cake pop stick into Santa’s foot before he dried so I had something to fix him to the cake…

My simple Santa figurine that stood on top of my kids Christmas cake

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree was a simple shape cut from a flat piece of green fondant. I stuck another flat brown square of fondant stuck on the back to form the trunk of the tree. The yellow decorations on the tree were just thinly rolled lengths of fondant and finished with little round balls of red to look like baubles.

A simple Flat Christmas Tree made of fondant

Christmas Pudding

The Christmas pudding was just a ball of brown fondant flattened on the bottom. With a ‘holly’ shape glued to the top. The holly cutter (PME brand) was one of the best tools I’ve ever bought as it has a couple of sizes and it gets dug out of the tool box EVERY Christmas season!

Fondant Christmas pudding with holly

Christmas snowflakes

The snowflake cutters are the same – such an effective shape to bring ‘winter’ or Christmas to so many occasions.

3D handmade Christmas decorations made of fondant

What a simple idea for the important people that look after my kids and something that shows I’ve donated my time and effort 🙂


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