Ann’s 60th – 2 Tiers with Ribbon Roses


You think making beautiful roses is too hard? Nope.

Read on.

Bunch of fondant roses

A bunch of fondant roses positioned on the finished cake

This cake was an order for a paying customer… in chocolate mud.

The only request from my customer was that Ann liked blue – lots of blue! And she was happy with modern roses. So I became creative!

I baked 2 sizes of round mud cakes, and covered them with the matching dark chocolate ganashe. Then came the pale blue coloured fondant. I stacked them and instantly – kapow – a professional looking cake.

The fun decorations came next. A mix of white, dark blue and light blue ribbon roses that totally transformed the cake to wow. The light and dark blue fondant was just the same Wilton colouring as the main part of the cake, so we had the right tones of blue. White obviously was just fondant not coloured.

But then I also got a bit fancy with adding some blue petal dust to the edges of some of the roses. This also added some bling and interest to the cake. The white flowers on their own looked a bit flat and boring.

Blue Ribbon Roses 2 tiered cake

Blue Ribbon Roses 2 tiered cake

Hand-formed green leaves just also filled in some big gaps and added a new contrast to the blues.

This cake was really fun to make and I have made a step by step tutorial on this one so you can see exactly how to make a 2 tier beauty!


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