Christmas Cake Pops


In the lead up to Christmas, my friend and I decided to enrol in a cake pops course one night after work.

We wanted to learn some quick tricks to making Christmas characters.

Christmas Cake Pops

And let’s be honest – cake pops are more fun without all the preparation of ingredients and mess!!! 😉

I let someone else take care of all that!

These were done at a course at my favourite cake shop – this bouquet is no credit to my own creativity. The instructor had already planned the designs and simply showed us how to replicate them.


This design used milk chocolate for dipping. We just stuck on 2 full sized pretzels and some pre-rolled fondant dots for eyes and a big red nose. Then we used a non-toxic black texta to finish the eyes.


Christmas Tree


We shaped the pop into a cone before we  dipped it. Then using the green candy melts, we dipped it, rolled it in shredded coconut and stuck on some red ‘candys’ before the melts dried.







However a lot of these designs can be found in the Bakerella Cake Pops books and Cake Me, I’m Yours.

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