How To Cover A Cake With Fondant


Covering a cake in fondant is a skill that takes time to master.

While they look so effective and have become ‘everyday’ for many events, getting the fondant thin and smooth without tears or bubbles is a real challenge!

I once had a friend ask me to give her a quick lesson in a text message. I rolled my eyes and told her to get onto YouTube!

It’s a lengthy procedure and takes real practise. You don’t just stick the fondant straight onto a cake that’s come straight out of the over… there are MANY more steps than that.

Generally your first attempt will not result in a perfect looking cake and while you will feel proud you accomplished it, I bet you will feel that you need more time to master this skill.

Round cakes are easier to learn first and squares can be learnt later. Here are some tips.

These videos are a good place to start! The more simple option of covering a cake is trying a round one first. Doing a square cake is a bit more tricky so best to leave it till you have had a go of the round one a couple of times…

The basics

Sharp edges

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