Bakerella “Cake Pops” Book Review


Cake Pops. Wow, what an amazing world of creativity!

It feels like cake pops may have been a fad that didn’t last too long but some cake makers still offer these as a treat or add-on to their regular cakes.

They are quite simply time consuming. Fiddly. But so impressive!

A cake pop is a tiny piece of cake, usually smooshed up into crumbs and mixed with frosting to form a semi-solid ball of ‘cake and icing’. They taste delicious! And then the best part is they are then dipped into chocolate or ‘candy melts’ to wrap them up and make them look pretty. Stick them with a lollipop stick and bam – it’s a cake pop or leave it as a ball and it’s a cake ball. So simple!

But the designs and ideas of these delicious bites are endless. So many shapes, decorations and flavour combinations…


Bakerella is the guru of cake pops. She’s kind of the originator. And she has hundreds of ideas in her book called “Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats“.

This is an awesome book for ideas on how to make cake pops. It tells you how to get started with making these crazily popular treats and all the little tools and materials you may need, plus recipes and flavour combinations that work well.

Think Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, kids-interests, animals, weddings – all themes are covered in this book.

The photos and instructions are clear and overall it’s a great addition to my cake book collection! I believe there are many more books out there now by Bakerella.

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