How to Make Simple Fondant Roses


These are some REALLY simple fondant roses for you to add to your cakes that will make you look like you have been cake decorating forever! They are often referred to as ‘ribbon roses’ although I like to call them ‘modern roses’ as they are a bit more funky and fun than a traditional, old-school rose. They are also a lot less work!!

I made these for a 2-tier birthday cake for a paying customer.

Bunch of fondant roses
A bunch of fondant roses positioned on the finished cake

How to make fondant roses…

Step 1: Take a small amount of fondant in the color of your choice. You can add some CMC powder or Tylose to make the fondant less sticky and wet if you like but fresh fondant will still work.

Step 2: Roll it into a thin flat long piece.

Step 3: Roughly cut all the edges into a rectangle shape. The size is up to you but you can play around with this depending on the rose size you are after.

Rolled fondant preparing for fondant roses
Cut the fondant
Roughly trimmed fondant

Step 4: Start rolling up the fondant from one end quite tightly.

Start rolling the fondant
Rolling fondant

Step 5: As you keep rolling the fondant up, start to bunch it a varying intervals so that it starts to get wider and less tight. Fold the excess fondant at the bottom of the rose. Always keep your eye on the front of the rose as this is what people will see. Pull out some edges if you like a more open style rose.

Bunching fondant at intervals

Step 6: Once you have finished winding the fondant up, squeeze the bottom of the rose into a cone shape. Then gently turn down the edges of the flower, so it shows the petals opening, like a real rose shape..

Pinch the end of the fondant
Pull open the petals

Step 7: Cut off the excess fondant at the bottom of the rose. This will make it look more neat and will enable it to fit nicely onto your cake design. Plus it will also save you money on fondant and supplies!

Cut the end off

Step 8: Again squeeze the rose in at the bottom, so it’s neat and and realistic. If you feel that it’s necessary you can add some hooked floral wire into the centre of the rose to give it a grounding on your cake. If you are making them fresh for your cake they will often stick well, but if you are allowing them to dry in advance, the floral wire is useful.

Give a second pinch

Ta da! A simple fondant ribbon rose is complete!

Finished fondant roses
Fondant Roses ready to top the cake!

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