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Soccer Ball Cake / Paul’s 50th

Soccer Ball Cake / Paul’s 50th

The brief for this cake was to make something related to soccer for a friend of ours by his wife. They were throwing a party for about 50 people for Paul’s 50th. She didn’t mind what flavor it was but did like the idea of mud cake. I decided to make this design so I could cater for the 50 people and thought the ‘3D ball’ would add an interesting talking point. The ball is made from the Wilton 3D Ball Pan and is easy to use by following the included instructions. My mistake with this though, was making with a white chocolate mud cake which was quite heavy and made the ball squash over time! The base cake was made with dark chocolate mud cake in a regular slab cake style tin. To cover the soccer ball, I used the template provided with the Wilton tin and cut out the shapes in the 2 colours. After coating the ball with some buttercream icing, I was able to just stick the shapes on in the right pattern and using a pointy tool from my kit, I pressed in between the pieces to make it look like there was a seam.


The green fondant was the ready to roll green (which came in a 1kg roll like a sausage). While it saved a lot of time and money from the colouring being done already, it cost me a lot of pain as it was the stickiest, wettest most difficult fondant I have ever worked with! I would not recommend it. I added a lot of white fondant to it hoping that it would make it less sticky and I wanted to lighten the colour slightly anyway, but it really didn’t help much. Rolling and lifting the icing onto the cake was trying and took me close to 10 attempts! (Keep in mind, this was early days in terms of my experience and I didn’t know a whole lot of tricks I know now!)

The letters and numbers were made with d.Line cookie cutters I owned already and I inserted toothpicks into the bottom of the letters before they dried. I finished off the cake with the same shade green buttercream icing as the fondant and piped a shell border around the base to seal it.

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