In the really early days…


Just after the discovery of my delicious buttercake recipe I began to bake like crazy! Here are some samples of my early experiments…

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

April 2011 651

Little Critter Cupcakes

April 2011 350

Chocolate Cake

My first chocolate mud cake following an old fashioned recipe. I also practiced ganashing with a smooth finish and sharp edges and my shell piping technique to form a border. I topped it off with some easy flowers… more information in my tutorials.

Chocolate Mud cake

Valentine’s Day Mini-Cakes

I found a heart muffin tin at the shops one day and decided to surprise my hubby with some decorated muffins. This is just using buttercream colored with the “Pillar Box Red” food dye and the decorations are done with a white icing writing pen. I was just playing around with different effects as I had no experience with piping before.


My first attempt at Fondant

After my first visit to the cake shop, I came home all motivated, threw together a cake from scratch, waited for it to cool and got stuck into making this. I knew there were lots of flaws in it but I was even more driven to master it after that! As you can see it has a dome as I didn’t attempt to level the cake and I rolled the fondant too thin but was scared that it was drying out before I covered the cake, so I just made do with what I had rolled out.

The flowers on the side and the frog were just made with old cookie cutters I found in the drawer and the cream colored details on the frog were also the white icing pen while the center of the flowers are white chocolate melts.


Frosting Covered cake with Fondant Flowers


Frosting Covered cake with Fondant Flowers


Practice cakes for my son’s Christening


Easter Cake Decorating

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