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How I Progressed From A Beginner To A Cake Decorating Queen

How I Progressed From A Beginner To A Cake Decorating Queen

Here are just a few of my first attempts at cake decorating… as you will see, my skills have improved and developed with each and every cake. You won’t be a professional overnight but it will happen!!!

Easter Cake

Easter Cake DecoratingLeading up to my son’s Christening, I wanted to practice colouring fondant and work out a rough idea of the ‘look’ of the cake using some of the same elements. This was mainly a trial run of baking two individual 25cm cakes, and timing the baking process. I also learned about levelling the cake and layering the two cakes. This also required a lot of fondant to cover the large 25cm diameter of the cake and the tall sides – this was a good practice in rolling a large quantity. Writing on the fondant with an icing pen was also part of the practice.


Christening Cake

Baptism Cake IdeasThis was my first cake presented to a large group of people. It was a nerve-racking moment, but thoroughly rewarding! I had already practiced different elements so was fairly confident. In the preparation of the event, I was pushed for time and had most elements prepared so they could just be placed on the finished, fondant covered cake. The new elements from this cake are the letters of my son’s name and the rolled fondant balls to seal the fondant to the cake board.

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