Aimee’s 1st birthday / Winnie The Pooh




This is one of my favourite cakes and believe it or not, it was about the 7th fondant cake I had ever made!

As I was really just getting into the cake decorating life, I offered to make my friend a birthday cake for her daughter turning 1 a couple of weeks before my son. She said she was hoping for a Winnie the Pooh theme. The most difficult part of this cake was getting the balance of pink right with the red of Winnie’s shirt!

So off I went to research and practice the main elements of a Winnie theme. Firstly I watched a couple of videos on You Tube including this awesome one:

I was just mucking around while watching TV one night and made some cool little bees (which I just worked out by myself). They were just black balls, with a smaller black ball attached and then thinly rolled yellow strips placed around the big ball. I added some eyes and white squashed ball wings and so I would be able to put them on the cake, I inserted a thin floral wire in the bottom.

The final decorations on the cake were the letters (which were just my d.Line cutters) the ‘1’, which was made from rolled sausages with a floral wire inserted and the honey pot which was molded hollow around my finger and was a last minute addition. The flowers were the final touch, cut from my various calyx cutters and with a dash of white ‘writing icing’ in the center of each. The green grass was buttercream icing applied with the Wilton tip #233.

Wilton Icing Tip #233 Hair/ Grass





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