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What order do I work in?

So you may have all these tips and processes that you are learning about and now you are wondering, what order to I do them in? Here is a little checklist that I use for my own timeline:

3 Months to a week in advance Mario cake

  • Plan the cake – Draw up a little sketch showing colors, sizes of cake tiers, square vs round etc.
  • Shop for your ingredients and materials (or at least prepare your list of everything!). There’s nothing worse than having a cake ready to go but no cake box that it fits in!
  • Bake the cake(s) – Once cooled, wrap them twice in cling wrap or saran wrap and put them in the freezer. They can be stored there for up to 3 months.
  • Prepare your buttercream or ganashe – Again this can be frozen for quite some time. Freezing is optional as some people like to make it fresh when they are assembling the cake.
  • Make 3D figurines or flowers – If you are working with fondant instead of gum paste, you will need several days or even a week for your figurines to dry out and set.
  • Cover the cake board – It needs time to set hard. Give it at least 2 days or more if you are in humid conditions.

Day before

  • Defrost the cake(s) – About 24 hours before you want to begin decorating.
  • Defrost the buttercream or ganashe – at least 4 hours before you want to begin decorating.

On the day

  • Level the cake(s)
  • Cover the cake(s) with your buttercream or ganashe
  • Cover the cake(s) with fondant
  • Decorate the fondant with all the fresh fondant decorations – eg if you are adding stripes or buttons they are easier to apply to the fresh fondant as fresh soft fondant.
  • Place the cake on the cake board
  • Stack the tiers if you are doing so
  • Seal off the base of the cake – with piped buttercream or royal icing, ribbon or fondant decoarations.
  • Add your dried 3D figurines or flowers or any other finishing touches
  • Place it in your cake box and cover it with cling wrap or saran wrap if it is too tall to fit in

Well done!

Please keep in mind that this is my way of working and you may be the person who can whip up a cake, ice it and decorate it all in one day! I would love to be that person but I have had too many incidents where I have used a wrong quantity of something in my cake batter so the whole cake flops and I need to bake again or the figurine is too soft and gradually shrinks itself down to nothing – it is simply too risky for me!


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