Cake Decorating For Beginners

Burger and Chips Cake

Mmmmm.... this one fooled a lot of people! It was soooooo much fun to make :)  

Soccer Ball Cake / Paul’s 50th

The brief for this cake was to make something related to soccer for a friend of ours by his wife. They were throwing a party for about 50 people for Paul's 50th. She didn't mind what flavor it was but did like the idea of mud cake. I decided to make this design so I could cater [...]

Christmas Cake Pops

These were done at a course at my favourite cake shop - no credit to my creativity, all of these designs were taught to me in a 2 hour class. However a lot of these designs can be found in the Bakerella Cake Pops books and Cake Me, I'm Yours.

Cake Balls (Cake Pops without the Stick!)

This was my first attempt at cake 'pops'. I had no sticks as the concept was very new to me (and I think everyone else who wasn't up on the latest trends in the cake world at the time!). The inspiration came to me after reading my Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More [...]

Two Tier mini-cake

This two tier white chocolate mud cake was one I threw together once I went back to office work from my first stint of maternity leave. I REALLY missed baking and decorating and made this just for the sake of it one weekend! While I was making this cake, I practiced with my homemade baking [...]

Max’s 1st Birthday / Sea Theme Cake

I made this 2 tier cake for my son's first birthday. It was my first attempt at making a 2 tier cake but I was happy with the final result - in fact my sister-in-law thinks it is my best of all time! The bottom tier was white chocolate mud and the top tier was [...]

Aimee’s 1st birthday / Winnie The Pooh

  This is one of my favourite cakes and believe it or not, it was about the 7th fondant cake I had ever made! As I was really just getting into the cake decorating life, I offered to make my friend a birthday cake for her daughter turning 1 a couple of weeks before my [...]

Here are just a few of my first attempts at cake decorating... as you will see, my skills have improved and developed with each and every cake. You won't be a professional overnight but it will happen!!! Easter Cake Leading up to my son's Christening, I wanted to practice colouring fondant and work out a [...]

Pizza Cake

Before I got REALLY interested in making cakes, I looked online and tried to find a cake design that looked cool but didn't involve special ingredients or fondant (as I didn't even know where to start with that!!). I decided I would try to make a 'pizza cake' for my brother's birthday so it was something a bit [...]

In the really early days…

Just after the discovery of my delicious buttercake recipe I began to bake like crazy! Here are some samples of my early experiments... Cookie Monster Cupcakes Little Critter Cupcakes Chocolate Cake My first chocolate mud cake following an old fashioned recipe. I also practiced ganashing with a smooth finish and sharp edges and my shell [...]