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Icing and Frosting

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So what is icing vs frosting?

There are many terms used for the outside coating of a cake, sometimes depending on where you live. Generally frosting is a thick and fluffy coating of cream or butter and icing is a thinner  glaze that hardens when cooled. However, the formal looking seamless coat of smooth icing is usually fondant or pettince and is usually considered to be the most difficult to master but if you have the right practice and tools, buttercream frosting can also achieve very impressive results.



Before I became keen on cake decorating, I would generally ice a cake with a simple mix of  ‘icing mixture’ (powdered sugar) and water therefore considered ‘icing’ or if I was in a better baking mood, I would use butter mixed with a bit of milk and ‘icing mixture’, therefore considered frosting.  Once I got interested in this as a hobby and I was trying to create true red frosting one day, I discovered that butter was my problem!

My local cake shop referred me to a product called ‘So-Lite’ which is a type of shortening which is true white. The yellow color of the butter meant that I would never achieve the exact color I was aiming for… which explained everything!

If you can get your hands on this product, the recipe is listed on the box, but if you can find something similar the best recipe for the true white frosting is:

3kg icing mixture (powdered sugar)
400g shorteningFrosting
400ML water

Just beat it all with a mixer and viola! If you are using it for piping and it is getting stuck in the nozzle, just add more water to the mix.

Full tutorial with pics is here!

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