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Cake Baking

Baking a cake is a very important part of Cake Decorating. After all this is what your guests will have left in their mouths after the cake is cut! This is often more important than the look of the cake. Customers may have a special request for a favorite flavor but more importantly the way your cake is baked will affect the way it looks.

Having straight and tall edges on your cake are very important when decorating your cake. And making sure the cake is as level as possible will ensure that not too much will be wasted when levelling the top of your cake. For details on how to bake a level cake, download my FREE eBook, Best Kept Secrets of the Cake Decorating Pros.

Although you can practice decorating on Styrofoam, you’re not going to be able to truly show off your skills unless you display a cake that people can then eat and enjoy. Try my recipes as a start for delicious flavors.


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